Shuttle-next is a brand new WASM web-framework based on Axum and Hyper. There are many benefits to using WASM for a backend web-framework, but one of the key features is the isolation it offers. Since WASM modules have no notion of a file system, a shuttle-next project can only interact with the host through resources explicitly declared by us. In this first iteration, the only resource available is an HTTP stream to and from a project.

Shuttle-next is very much a work in progress, and we’re releasing this iteration without some of the features that make shuttle a pleasure to use, for example the ability to effortlessly deploy and connect to a database. It’s also not currently possible to use any middleware. We’re planning to implement this functionality, and more, in the near future. We’re also hoping that the feedback we get from this release will help us see which features we should prioritize, and which areas of the framework’s design need the most attention going forward.

Note: shuttle-next does not currently work on Windows, it only works on unix systems (i.e mac, Linux and Windows Subsystem for Linux). We aim to resolve this in future releases.