To get going with Poise, follow the same prerequisites as for Serenity.


This example shows how to build a Poise bot with Shuttle that responds to the /hello command with world!.

use anyhow::Context as _;
use poise::serenity_prelude::{ClientBuilder, GatewayIntents};
use shuttle_runtime::SecretStore;
use shuttle_serenity::ShuttleSerenity;

struct Data {} // User data, which is stored and accessible in all command invocations
type Error = Box<dyn std::error::Error + Send + Sync>;
type Context<'a> = poise::Context<'a, Data, Error>;

/// Responds with "world!"
async fn hello(ctx: Context<'_>) -> Result<(), Error> {

async fn main(#[shuttle_runtime::Secrets] secret_store: SecretStore) -> ShuttleSerenity {
    // Get the discord token set in `Secrets.toml`
    let discord_token = secret_store
        .context("'DISCORD_TOKEN' was not found")?;

    let framework = poise::Framework::builder()
        .options(poise::FrameworkOptions {
            commands: vec![hello()],
        .setup(|ctx, _ready, framework| {
            Box::pin(async move {
                poise::builtins::register_globally(ctx, &framework.options().commands).await?;
                Ok(Data {})

    let client = ClientBuilder::new(discord_token, GatewayIntents::non_privileged())


If you want to explore other frameworks, we have more examples with popular ones like Tower and Warp. You can find them right here.

Be sure to check out the examples repo for many more examples!