Your Shuttle Project Name determines which subdomain your project is hosted on (https://<project-name> Therefore, your project name has to be unique. You might also want to use a name that is short and easy to remember.

Specifying Project Name

The name of your Shuttle project can be set up in three different ways. They are listed below in the same order as cargo-shuttle will prioritize them.

via the --name option

When running commands, the project name can always be overridden with the --name option:

# This will create a project called `my-project-name`.
cargo shuttle start --name my-project-name

# This will check the deployment list of `my-project-name` regardless of which directory you are in.
cargo shuttle deployment list --name my-project-name

via Shuttle.toml

The next method to specify a project name is by creating a Shuttle.toml file at the root level of the project’s workspace. In this file, place a key-value pair like so:

name = "my-project-name"

via Cargo.toml

In the absence of either of the previous two options, the project will be named based on the content of the name = field of the [package] section in the Cargo.toml configuration file.

A new Shuttle project can be named by passing in a project name with the --name option.

cargo shuttle init --template axum --name my-project-name some-directory

This will create a new Axum-based project in some-directory and update the name field in Cargo.toml accordingly.


If your project is a cargo workspace the name will be taken from a Shuttle.toml in the root of the workspace, or from the directory name of the workspace. See workspaces.