Deleting old projects can fail due to outdated or corrupt data. If you have tried all the steps below, but they keep failing or if a resource refuses to be deleted, please contact us on from the email associated with your GitHub account. There, we can assist you with manually deleting projects.

To delete a project, start off with

cargo shuttle project delete --name <name>
In these examples, the --name flag is used to specify the project name explicitly. Depending on your files, you might not need it. See Project name for other alternatives.

If the delete command gives you a 503 error, try restarting the project. This is needed in order to check if the project has resources linked.

cargo shuttle project restart --name <name>
cargo shuttle project delete --name <name>

If you have a running deployment, you will be asked to stop it.

cargo shuttle stop --name <name>

If you have secrets recorded in the project, you will be asked to delete them.

cargo shuttle resource delete secrets --name <name>

If you have databases linked to the project, you will be asked to delete them.

# check which type of database
cargo shuttle resource list --name <name>
# example for a shared postgres db
cargo shuttle resource delete database::shared::postgres --name <name>

If secrets or databases are not being deleted successfully with the above commands, please contact us for further support.