Install Shuttle

The cargo-shuttle CLI can be installed with a pre-built binary or from source with cargo.

Pre-built binary

Shuttle provides pre-built binaries of the cargo-shuttle CLI with every release for most platforms, they can be found on our GitHub.

Our binaries can also be installed using cargo-binstall, which will automatically install the correct target for your system. To install with cargo-binstall, run:

cargo binstall cargo-shuttle

From source

Although a bit slower, you can also install directly with cargo:

cargo install cargo-shuttle
If you are using an M1/M2 Mac, cargo install cargo-shuttle might not work for you due to an issue with the cargo-generate upstream dependency. In those cases, it is advised to install Shuttle with binstall.

Arch Linux

cargo-shuttle can be installed from the community repository using pacman:

pacman -S cargo-shuttle

This is a community package maintained by orhun.


After installing, log in with:

cargo shuttle login

Once you’ve done this, you are good to go! To get up and running, proceed to our Quick Start page!