Install Shuttle

The cargo-shuttle CLI can be installed with a pre-built binary, from source with cargo, or with the install script.

Install script

The install script finds the optimal alternative below for installing the latest version on your OS, architecture and distro.

Run it on Linux and macOS with:

curl -sSfL | bash

Or on Windows with:

iwr | iex

Pre-built binary

Pre-built binaries of the cargo-shuttle CLI for most platforms can be found on our GitHub.

The binaries can also be installed using cargo-binstall, which will automatically download the correct binary for your system. To install with cargo-binstall, run:

cargo binstall cargo-shuttle

From source

Although a bit slower, you can also install directly with cargo:

cargo install cargo-shuttle
Installing cargo-shuttle from source requires Rust 1.75+. You can verify by running cargo --version.

Distro packages (unofficial)

cargo-shuttle is also packaged by community members for some distros:

Packaging status

Arch Linux: available on the community repository.

pacman -S cargo-shuttle

Alpine Linux: available on Alpine Edge after enabling the testing repository.

apk add cargo-shuttle


After installing, log in with:

cargo shuttle login

To get up and running, proceed to our Quick Start page!